Introduction to Theatre Arts is about developing movement, voice and character but provides instruction in both acting and technical theatre. This semester's class is rehearsing Juvie, a one act play about juvenile delinquents at a reform school. Juvie will be performed January 15th.

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Tour Pinkerton Academy

Pinkerton Academy is distinguished among high schools for its blend of modern and historic facilities. Click here for a virtual tour of Pinkerton.

If you are considering attending Pinkerton Academy and would like to schedule a tour of campus, please email tours@

Where Do I Go?

Who Do I See?

Parents and students may find it helpful to consult the chart linked here to learn Who to See and Where to Go for any given issue. This aid should help address most issues related to students and school.

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Fine Arts Students of the Month

The Fine Arts department has named the Pinkerton Academy Fine Arts Students of the Month.

Katie Twyman – for Dance (top left)
Katie contributed to Concert Dance Company and the Dance Club as a dancer, choreographer, and positive influence. She’s a peer collaboration that resulted in an “above expectations” project – and working on her own time, she transformed this graded project.

Ben Clough – for Music (top right)
Ben transferred to Pinkerton from Corpus Christie , TX and immediately became a vital member of the  Concert and Marching Bands. With competitive marching skills brought from Texas, Ben is a great role model for marching technique or music. He practices in the Band room every day during his free period and impressed music faculty with his talent, dedication and work ethic.

Dylan Rogers – for Theatre (bottom left)
Faculty describe Dylan as a true “ensemble” actor, always ready to lend a hand or share feedback. Teachers say his “creative exploration of character and critical inquiry are “commendable.”

Laura Wicik – for Visual Art (bottom right)
Laura’s teachers say her dedication is evident as she’s often found creating art during her lunch and study periods. Laura has taken numerous visual art courses; she’s currently enrolled in AP Studio Art and Ceramics 3.

Skills USA Says Get Ready to LAUGH

Skills USA reports the club has focused on Audio/Video, creating a video to promote the SkillsUSA not-to-be-missed event in January. Here it is!

On January 14, comedian Dave Russo and friends will split your sides with laughter. In the process, the club will raise money for its trip to national SkillsUSA conference and competition.

Dave  Russo will perform on Wednesday, January 14 at 7:00 pm in the Stockbridge Theatre. He’ll make you laugh and forget midterms for a while!

SkillsUSA officers say “Seats are filling up and people aren't just buying one for themselves, they make awesome presents too!”

You can buy tickets from the Stockbridge Theatre website, from PA chapter leaders, or in any cafeteria during lunches on Monday 12/22 and Tuesday 12/23.

Who Wants Pennies? Freshmen!

Freshmen representing each of the four teams (Orion, Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo) will compete until next Tuesday for the most pennies collected. Sounds easy right? Here's how it works: All pennies will be tallied, but for every nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar in each bin, the total worth is subtracted from the penny total (a nickel takes away 5 pennies etc.).

The good news is that all funds will be donated to the Pinkerton Homeless Fund, which provides gifts and meals for families in need and the team with the most pennies will earn a special treat at lunchtime.

Kudos to Team Gemini for coming up with the fun idea!

The Red Sox Have $$ for Seniors

Students and parents – do you want to join Big Papi in getting money from the Red Sox?

The deadline is Friday, January 30 for applications to New Hampshire Red Sox Service Scholarship.

Go to the Red Sox site here for all the details. There, youll see the 2015 NH Guidelines and the 2015 Application.

The scholarship is open only to graduating seniors from a list of 45 high schools including Pinkerton Academy.

Recipients will be chosen based on 1) Academic Performance, 2) Demonstrated Community Service and 3) Eligibility for Financial Aid.

Remember: Deadline is Friday, January 30 (2015…next month!)

Health Tips For Everyone

The Health Office would like to reinforce for students, parents and families the importance of healthy behavior during a time of year when colds, flu and even norovirus can be present in the community.

Please refer to this set of Frequently Asked Questions in your efforts to maintain good health.

Parents: If your child should demonstrate symptoms such as those with flu or norovirus, please , please notify the appropriate Attendance Office when reporting that your child will be out of school due to illness. Pinkerton is following state recommendations that your child should be symptom free for 24 hours prior to his or her return to school.

Please contact the Health Office with any questions or concerns at 437-5200 ext 2118.

Popsicle Sticks + Glue

In the annual New Hampshire Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition, Pinkerton sophomores Olivia LaPorte and Sara Neild built a bridge that supported a weight of 80 pounds – and the bridge only weighed 477.7 grams!

The students are from IntroCAD, taught by Rolfe Voltaire.

The objective of the competition is to create the lightest bridge that supports the greatest load across a 36 inch span using only popsicle sticks and hot glue. Bridges cannot exceed 10 inches in height above or below the travel deck and must weigh less than 750 grams.

The Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition was created to encourage high school students to consider Structural Engineering as a career path -- in part because the majority of the bridge engineers in NH are within 10 years of retirement! The event is sponsored by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation with the Civil Engineering Department at the University of New Hampshire.

VEX - Yes, Wins Again

The Middle Earth VEX Robotics competition in the northern New Hampshire town of Orford was all-Pinkerton.

Two PA teams, 241B – Black Hole and 241F - Final Frontier battled it out for tournament champions after five PA teams made it into the quarter finals. Meanwhile, Pinkerton Team 241C – Challenger won The Design Award, qualifying them for the Regional Championship in March. Click here for picture.

Black Hole (pictured) edged out Final Frontier (click here for picture) in three matches to win the Middle Earth championship, putting a Pinkerton team in positions #1 and #2 with a third Pinkerton team picking up an important award.

Cosmetology Students Take 1st, 2nd & 3rd (+ a 2nd)

Cosmetology students from Pinkerton won four of six awards at the Student Mannequin Competition held in Concord as part of the Cosmetology in Action show.

The event included product samples and demonstrations, styling and finishing tips, student-friendly topics in a rotating class format, and conversation with salon owners, stylists,  manufacturers and distributors.

The Mannequin Competition consisted of Classic Hair and Fantasy Hair categories with Pinkerton sweeping Classic and placing second in Fantasy:

Classic - pictured with teachers Amy Jean (left) and Keryl Reid Rabideaux (right):

1st Place Victoria Conwell
2nd Place Megan Lizotte
3rd Place Robbie Chubbuck

2nd place  Kate Mackie

Entries were judged by a professional panel on a “polished, finished look. “

Course Catalog for 2015-2016 Available

The 2015-2016 Course Catalog for Pinkerton Academy is now available for review.

A wealth of core curriculum and electives is offered at Pinkerton; families are encouraged to explore the many options presented over the years of a student’s high school career.

Click here to open next year’s Course Catalog.

The Course Catalog for next year (2015-2016) can also be found in the “Resources” section of this website as well as the Course Catalog for this year (2014-2015).  

Tuition & Budget Announced for 2015-2016

Pinkerton Academy has announced its tuition and budget for the academic year 2015-2016.

The Pinkerton Board of Trustees has set the overall Regular Education budget at $33,990,249.00 representing a budget increase of 3.9%.  Tuition will be $10,964.60 or 2.89% ($308.45) over current tuition.

With the increase, Regular Education tuition at Pinkerton Academy remains among the lowest cost-per-pupil in New Hampshire for high school students.

The 2015-2016 budget includes no major new initiatives, one net new staff position in Special Education, repair to the roof of Saltmarsh Library and increases for utilities.

The full announcement of Pinkerton’s tuition and budget for 2015-2016 may be read here. Administration of Pinkerton Academy has met with Superintendents of partner school districts to explain the new budget and tuition figures.

Honor Rolls

High Honor Roll and Honor Roll have been released for Term 1, Semester 1 at Pinkerton Academy for the 2014-2015 school year.

Congratulations to the Astros named to the High Honor Roll and Honor Roll.

Click here for the High Honor Roll and Honor Roll lists.

2015 Photography Club Calendar Awaits

The 2015 Photography Club Calendar is available - but it sells out fast!

To order a calendar, write:

Wendy Root -- or

Heidi Parenti

Don’t delay if you want one!

Calendars are $10 each and feature the strong creativity of these 12 members of the Photography Club at Pinkerton Academy: Brian Kerman, Emily Fitzgerald, Lexi Franquiz, Jamie Halloran, Emma Hodge, Madie Jaquith, Morgan Jaquith, Samantha Knight, Lauren McGee, Alicia Nourse, Eden Richardson and Melanie Trainor.

Want to know who took the picture shown above? Get a calendar! All 12 months are equally stunning.

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Pinkerton Academy students will gain the critical knowledge, skills, and deeper understanding necessary to develop goals, become thinkers and communicators, and grow as responsible and productive citizens. While celebrating the strengths of our traditions, we encourage innovation in response to a changing world.

Mission Statement

As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy’s mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive, and relevant learning opportunities.


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