Racquet & Net class in Physical Education 2 covers a lot of sports: think of all athletics which use nets and rackets! In Floor Hockey, being strategically in the way can be as valuable as being quick.

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Join the 200th Anniversary Gala -- an incredible evening of lavish food, festive fun and big-time fireworks!


September 27

Reception Begins 5:30pm

The Stockbridge Theatre

Get tickets by clicking here or call 437-5210 between 9:00 am and 1:30pm, Monday through Friday. Here's more info!

ALSO: Mike Morin '68 of Geiger Brothers has put together a special collection of Pinkerton 200th gifts and clothing to commemorate this event.

Shop now by clicking here!

Tour Pinkerton Academy

Pinkerton Academy is distinguished among high schools for its blend of modern and historic facilities. Click here for a virtual tour of Pinkerton.

If you are considering attending Pinkerton Academy and would like to schedule a tour of campus, please email tours@ pinkertonacademy.org

Top 10 All-Star Educator

Pinkerton Academy teacher of Science Brewster Bartlett was named in the Top 10 of the All-Star Educator award by the New Hampshire State Lottery Commission and the NH Motor Speedway.

For his recognition, Bartlett was given $250 for a Pinkerton activity of his choice. Bartlett chose the Academy Mentor Program, an initiative he co-founded to support Freshmen and Transfer students at Pinkerton.

“AMP” is an integral part of Freshmen Seminar program.

Upper Room Gets Banjo Bucks

An astonishing pair of musicians performed an amazing concert and an equally generous gesture at the Stockbridge Theatre. Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn, husband-wife virtuosos in the claw hammer style of banjo, thrilled the audience and then representatives of The Upper Room.

Fleck and Washburn donated the proceeds of post-concert CD and merchandise sales to The Upper Room; nearly $500.00.

Pictured, L-R: Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn, performers; Katella and John Dulmage, The Upper Room.

Matt Cahoon, director of the Stockbridge Theatre, said “We’ve never seen an artist do this in our hall; it’s a very nice gesture.“

The Upper Room is a Derry-based family resource center that provide valuable services. Click here for more information.

Deadline is Wednesday For PSAT Signup

Wednesday, September 24 is the deadline to sign up for the PSAT. This is a terrific chance to take the test when it doesn’t count.

You may sign up for the PSAT in The Guidance Office in the Low Building. Please bring a check or money order for $24 made out to “Pinkerton Academy.”

The PSAT will be held at Pinkerton on Saturday, October 18 at 8:00am.

Freshmen Student Council Officers Named

Congratulations to the new Freshman members of the Student Council at Pinkerton Academy:

1. Abby Beaudoin
2. Jillian Currier
3. Skyler Eno
4. Lindsay Farland
5. Matthew Furgal
6. Briella Hirsch
7. Ariana Lofaro
8. Anna LoPresti
9. Sara Metzger
10. Meaghan Michaud
11. Priscilla Ong
12. Courtney Sobolewski

Super Hero Day!

During Spirit Week, Pinkerton Academy was protected by Superheros including Super Leprechan (left) and also:



Wonder Woman

The Justice League (or something like them)


Hot Dog Man

Firegfighter (Now there's a true super hero!

Freshman Officers Elected

Congratulations to newly-elected officers of the Freshman Class at Pinkerton Academy!

President:  Madison Bouchard-Liporto
Vice President:  Dylan Durazzano
Secretary:  Ashley Meyer
Treasurer:  Ashlee Dubois
Historian:  Nicole DelPidio
Fundraising Coordinator:  Morgan Hughes
Publicity Coordinator:  Abigail Thomas
Social Coordinator:  Jada Avila
Communications Coordinator:  Jillian Nelson
Social Service Coordinator:  Antonio Lacasse
Officers at Large:  Jessica Pollock, Maison D’Amelio, Britney Johnson

Class Colors:  Gold and Crimson

Represent PA on Auburn or Derry School Boards

Applications are now being accepted for the position of Pinkerton Academy Student Liaison to the Auburn School Board and the Derry School Board. Applications are due on or by Friday, September 26; they should be submitted to Roger Konstant, Associate Dean, in the Shepard Building or rkonstant@pinkertonacademy.org.

Auburn residents who are Sophomores or Juniors at Pinkerton may submit an application for the Auburn School Board. An election will be held following submission of the applications. Click here for the Auburn application and position description.

* The Auburn School Board meets once a month, generally on the second Tuesday of the month.

Derry residents who are Juniors or Seniors at Pinkerton may submit an application for the Derry School Board. The Liaison will be chosen on the basis of the application; there is no student election. Click here for the Derry application and position description.

* The Derry School Board meets twice a month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.

Aspen Training for STUDENTS

Now it’s STUDENTS’ time for more training in Aspen, the new software program which replaces Edline.

Click here for a quick look at how the Aspen Student Portal works.

The Aspen Student Portal lets you see your grades, find assignments, check up on attendance and more!

Free Flu Shots

Free flu shots are offered to students of Pinkerton Academy at Convenient MD in Windham.

Click here for the voucher to get a free flu shot and for more information about this offer.

Convenient MD is located at 125 Indian Rock Road, Windham. They’re open 9am-9pm every day of the week.

Think Graduation, Parents!

Parents: Would you like to celebrate your student's success?

Create a Custom Ad for The Critic, the yearbook of Pinkerton Academy!

It's all done on-line. For details, click here or visit JostensAdService.com. You'll love the simple process.

First Day to Order: How about now?
Last Day to order:  December 6, 2014

Take advantage of the moment! Beat the December rush.

Senior Privs

Seniors + Privileges =  Senior Privileges, right?

Yes…but to qualify for Senior Privileges, criteria must be met and then a senior may spend NON-CLASS TIME outside the buildings (instead of a structured study hall).

Click here for the Senior Privileges permission slip to be signed by a parent (even if the student is 18) and returned to the Senior Office.

Here are the criteria for Senior Privileges:

* Earn a minimum of 16 credits for Fall eligibility and 18 credits for Spring
* Pay class dues IN FULL
* Have NO outstanding debt to the Academy (including owed books)
* Be in good standing with Discipline Office

ALSO: * Have earned passing grades in ALL subjects for previous quarter (4th quarter junior year for Fall privs & 3rd quarter senior year for Spring privs)

Freshmen Reception

The annual Freshmen Reception on Friday, October 3 introduces the newest students at Pinkerton Academy to the Board of Trustees, teachers and administration.
Freshmen Reception consists of students meeting Academy personnel, followed by a presentation and Freshmen-only dance.

Being the first dance of these students at Pinkerton, event rules and procedures will be new. Parents and students are encouraged to review these details found here prior to the Freshmen Reception.

MyLunchMoney - New Food Program

The recent Back-To-School mailing included information on setting up a new food services account called MyLunchMoney. You are now able to make electronic deposits for this program.

Parents can say goodbye to sending cash and checks to the school cafeteria, by creating a secure on-line account and can manage their student’s life easily and conveniently. Whether it’s viewing what meals your child purchased for the week, or simply setting weekly or daily spending limits for your child, MyLunchMoney provides you with a direct link to your student’s school wherever you have internet access.

Now parents can experience the benefits of using MyLunchMoney by taking advantage of some of our popular features including: spending history, low balance notification, smart pay, expired credit card notification, meal control settings, spending limits, and multi-student funding.

For information and to set up an account, visit the MyLunchMoney.com website here.

Coming Up At


Pinkerton Academy

COLLEGE VISITS: The Guidance Department regularly updates its list of visits to campus by colleges and other post-secondary institutions. Click here for a list of the most current College Visits.

Seniors interested in a visit need a Gold College Visit pass signed by the teacher of class they will miss. Passes are in in the Low Building Guidance Office, Senior Office, Shepard Main Office and Science Office. Students do not need a Gold pass if visiting during lunch. Seniors may sign up for a college visit through their Naviance accounts.  


Sat, 9/27: The 200th Anniversary Gala Celebration of Pinkerton Academy (see story to left)


Tues, 9/30, College Overview Night for Seniors & Parents, Stockbridge Theatre, 6:30-8:00pm


Fri, 10/3, Freshmen Reception, Hackler Gym, 7:00-10:00pm


Fri, 10/3, Taste of Home Cooking School, Stockbridge Theatre, 7:00pm


Fri, 10/10: Last day to drop a class (for Semester 1). Also the deadline to change a level in a half year course.


Now Open: On-line Registration for Fall Sports Click here to register

Where Do I Go?

Who Do I See?

Parents and students may find it helpful to consult the chart linked here to learn Who to See and Where to Go for any given issue. This aid should help address most issues related to students and school.

For access to the Student Planner, Course Catalog, The Crow newsletter and other Pinkerton materials, click Resources here or the Resources link at top right of this website. For reunion information, click here. For information on the Critic yearbook, click here.

Vision Statement

Pinkerton Academy students will gain the critical knowledge, skills, and deeper understanding necessary to develop goals, become thinkers and communicators, and grow as responsible and productive citizens. While celebrating the strengths of our traditions, we encourage innovation in response to a changing world.

Mission Statement

As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy’s mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive, and relevant learning opportunities.


Pinkerton Academy

5 Pinkerton St.

Derry, NH 03038

Main Office - (603) 437-5200