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Competency Recovery Website Pic  Summer Advancement Courses

Credit Advancement is a program that will be offered during the summer to help students complete graduation requirements, thus allowing time during the school year for additional courses or a study hall. This program is intended for students who are taking these courses for the first time.  Courses are not leveled and will receive a numerical grade that will count towards the student’s overall GPA at Pinkerton.

These courses will fulfill the State of New Hampshire and Pinkerton Academy graduation requirements.  They are the exact same courses that are offered during the regular school year and will be taught by Pinkerton Academy staff members. Classes will be held on our campus.

NOTE:  The partner school districts of Pinkerton Academy have programs that fulfill the state's computer literacy requirement, however students at Pinkerton are required to retake computer applications at the Academy and submit an e-portfolio of computer work.

When?  Where?  How Much?

Credit Advancement classes will run weekdays from Monday, July 9th - Friday, August 3rd.  

Each class is 3 hours long and will meet either from 8 - 11 am (Session 1) or 11:15 am - 2:15 pm (Session 2).

Classes will meet in various locations on campus, so refer to this site by June 30th for updated locations.  

Cost for each class will be $185 payable with a credit card when you register online.

Session 1: 8:00 - 11:00

Session 2: 11:15 - 2:15

 PE 1

PE 1
PE 2 - Fit for Life Health Education
Intro to Art: Digital Photography Intro to the World of Business and Finance
Computer Applications in Business

Which classes are being offered?

PE 1

This half-year (0.5 credit) course is designed to prepare students to live a physically active lifestyle and show the importance of regular physical activity. Students will participate in a variety of activities throughout the semester taken from each of the following areas: body dynamics, group games, individual sports, team sports and fitness. One piece of the e-portfolio and competency will be met using the fitnessgram program.  



PE 2 - Fit for Life

Students must have taken and passed PE 1 to register for PE 2.  This PE 2 course will include individual fitness activities. The class will focus on a wellness lifestyle and incorporate aerobic, strengthening, endurance and flexibility components on a regular basis. Personal fitness portfolios will be created for each student. The activities will include walking, strength training, aerobic exercise, yoga, Pilates, and other fitness-based activities.  Fitness testing will be an important part of the curriculum to assess methods to improve in health related components of fitness.  

PE 1 and PE 2 may not be taken during the same summer.


Intro to Art: Digital Photography

This half-year (0.5 credit) course will fulfill the 0.5 credit Arts requirement for graduation. Using a digital point and shoot cameras, students will create projects that explore the basic elements and principles of design. Using the camera as a tool, students will creatively solve design problems, will learn basic photo-taking techniques as well as explore ways to enhance their images. Students may bring their own cameras from home, but will also have the option to borrow one in class if needed.

Students who select this course will not be eligible to register for Introduction to Art: Graphic Design or Intro to Art: Studio Emphasis.


Computer Applications in Business

This half-year (0.5 credit) course combines computer skills needed for college, work or personal use and will serve as the first step to the successful use of computer technology. Units of instruction will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Apps, and computer basics. Current trends in technology, digital citizenship, and cloud-based collaborative software will be incorporated throughout the course as well. This course fulfills the 0.5 credit technology graduation requirement.


Health Education

The goal of this half-year (0.5 credit) health course is to help establish patterns of behavior that will assist a person in achieving complete health.  This is accomplished by having a balance of physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.  This course is designed to offer students the opportunity to acquire knowledge, incorporate process and life skills, and develop positive attitudes.  Building a solid foundation of good decision-making skills can contribute to a variety of healthy choices for themselves and others.


Intro to the World of Business and Finance

This half-year (0.5 credit) course is for students who are considering being entrepreneurs or who want to learn about all aspects of the business industry. This project-based course will give students a taste of accounting, marketing, merchandising, inventory, managing, advertising, finance and technology. Students will have the opportunity to learn through the use of hands-on projects and Internet research activities, as well as having the opportunity to plan, set up and run a small business on campus. This course fulfills the Economics graduation requirement.


Registration Information

Registration for classes will take place online from Monday, January 22nd at 7:00 am to Friday, February 2nd at 3:00 pm.


The link to register your students is

Click on the Credit Advancement Class tab and follow the directions from there.

***IMPORTANT: For 8th graders that do not have an ID number yet - please enter any 6 digit number and we will revise the list as needed***


There will be a maximum of 20 students per class and classes will only run if enough students register. 

A full refund for cancellation can be offered by Friday, March 2nd.  Any cancellations after that time cannot be refunded in part or whole.

Reminders to parents and students

 Registration will be on a first come first served basis.  Be open to taking a class in either session or a different class altogether in the event that one is full at the time you register.

 Students may only miss ONE DAY of class and still receive credit.  Family vacations, sports camps, day camps, and other events that conflict with classes will not be excused.  Students will be withdrawn from the class and refunds will not be issued if a student fails to attend the course for the remaining days of class. 


Contact Adam Barriere - Summer Session Director

[email protected]