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NEW: MySchoolBucks: Secure, online, easy!

My School Bucks log-in page 

Parents can say goodbye to sending cash and checks to the school cafeteria, by creating a secure online account and can manage their student’s life easily and conveniently. Whether it’s viewing what meals your child purchased for the week, or simply setting weekly or daily spending limits for your child (setting limits must be done by the kitchen manager), myschoolbucks provides you with a direct link to your student’s school wherever you have internet access. Now parents can experience the benefits of using myschoolbucks by taking advantage of some of our popular features:

Spending History- Parents can view a 7 day history of student purchases.
Low Balance Email Notification – Parents can receive email notification when their student’s account balance is low.
Smart Pay - Set accounts to automatically replenish –PLEASE remember to disable this as year ends
Expired Credit Card Notification – Parents can receive email notification prior to credit card expiration.
Multi Student funding – Parents can fund multiple students at the same time.

Meal Control Settings - Parents can select “meals only” and/or “ala carte” meals for their students. (These can only be set and revised in the cafeterias, not through website. Please contact your cafeteria manager to place or inquire about restrictions)
Spending Limit Settings – Parents can set daily and weekly spending limits for their students. (These can only be set and revised in the cafeterias, not through website. Please contact your cafeteria manager to place or inquire about restrictions)

Students will thank parents for easy access to lunch money. They no longer have to worry about
forgetting or losing money. Also, the reduced hassle of paying with cash will speed up the lunch
line, which means more time for students to enjoy their meals!


PLEASE NOTE: Prepayments/deposits can still be made using cash or checks in the special envelopes available outside the office door. Minimum deposit of $10.00 is preferred; checks should be made out to “Pinkerton Academy”, with student name and I.D. number if known. Deposits made after 10:00 A.M. will be credited on the next business day. Exception to this is during an early release day when lunches begin at 9:30 A.M. and prepayments made after 9:00 A.M. will be credited the next business day. Many students find it easiest to deposit money to their account during their lunch period. Therefore, it is necessary to be one day ahead so that the student does not "zero" the account. Deposits made at lunchtime will not be available for breakfast the next day. We do allow those students who have forgotten to bring in their money to “charge” 1 combo lunch, no extra items. Charging is not allowed in Snack Bars. Once a student is in the negative, they cannot charge again without approval from the Food Service office. All charging will stop 2nd week of May.


Student accounts are only active in their assigned café.

* Deposits for senior students must be made in their assigned café; therefore if you are not using MySchoolBucks, separate checks are needed for siblings in grade 9, 10-11, and 12.

All checks should have name, address and phone number of bank account holder. Any checks returned by the bank will be charged a $20 service fee and the account will be closed until payment in cash or money order has been received. On the day the returned check is received, the student is informed in the lunch office, given a letter to take home, and then charged for any meal item they had for that day. Unfortunately, if two checks are returned, personal checks will no longer be accepted.

Mail checks to:
Pinkerton Academy Food Services
19 North Main St
Derry N.H. 03038

Drop off payments to any cafeteria each café also has a drop box (near or at kitchen offices) for off hours.