As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.


Off Campus Parking-This is a reminder

Parking at:

Hood Commons Plaza, Citizens Plaza, Fieldstone Terrace, Sun View Condominiums or any other surrounding lots without permission, is not allowed.

 The management at these locations will have your vehicle towed at your expense.

Towing is expensive! $$$

Job Board

Don't forget to swing by the Job Board outside the CTE Office, open to all PA students 16 years of age and up.  One company is even offering a gift just for filling out an application!    

Don't miss out!


Get your yearbook pictures in the yearbook with the ReplayIt app! Download the free app--the passwords is Astros2018.

The Critic yearbook staff encourages the student body to download this app, capture moments throughout the year, and share them. There's a good chance we might use your photos in the yearbook.  MAKE NOW FOREVER!

If you have questions, contact Mr. Cain in room 410/415

PA’s LGBT Alliance- Thurs;Fri

PA’s LGBT Alliance, in conjunction with Pinkerton Players, will be collecting donations to the Matthew Shepard Foundation today.

Make a donation during your lunch today.

Remember to attend The Laramie Project this weekend in the Stockbridge Theater.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation is committed to the following ideals:

Erase Hate.

Embrace Diversity.

The Laramie Project-Stockbridge Theatre

October 20th & 21st @ 7:00 pm

October 22 @ 2:00 pm

Stockbridge Theatre

Freshman Class Dues

Class dues can be paid through this Friday in room 6308.

The Voice of Democracy -Fri

If you love talking and possibly winning scholarship money and a chance to represent NH on the national level, then consider entering the Voice of Democracy Contest this year! The Voice of Democracy contest is a speech competition held nationwide through local VFWs and this year's theme is "American History: Our Hope for the Future." It is open to all high school students. The deadline is today. Please see Miss Iacuzio in room 6-308 for more information.

Art Club

The Art Club will meet on Monday October 23rd at 2:15 in room 514. 


Do you have dreams of owning your own business? Do you picture yourself controlling a Fortune 500 company? Do you have what it takes to be successful? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then DECA is the club for you! Stop by room 40 for more information, or attend our next full club meeting on October 25 in the Academy Building Lecture Hall

Citizenship Committee

The Citizenship Committee is once again sponsoring the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards.  The search is on for our top youth volunteer. If you are selected you could receive $1,000, an impressive silver medallion, and a trip to Washington D.C. next May.  If you feel you have made a positive difference through a volunteer activity during the past year, please apply. You must apply online. You can access an application through the Pinkerton webpage. Simply open the webpage for more details; any questions see Mr. Konstant in the Main Office.

The deadline to apply is November 7th.


The Gunstock Friday night ski program in January has only 12 spots left!  Sign-ups are first come first serve basis.  See Mr. Bartlett for more information


College Rep. Visits

Mon. Oct. 16 A (7:15-8:06)   School Counseling
  B (8:12-8:58) Tufts Univeristy School Counseling
  C (9:04-9:50)   School Counseling
  D (9:56-10:42)   School Counseling
  E (10:48-11:34)   School Counseling
  F (11:40-12:26)   School Counseling
  G (12:32-1:18)   School Counseling
  H (1:24-2:10) Plymouth State University School Counseling
  H (1:24-2:10) Hofstra University School Counseling
Tues. Oct. 17 A (7:15-8:06)   School Counseling
  B (8:12-8:58)   School Counseling
  C (9:04-9:50) Great Bay Community College School Counseling
  D (9:56-10:42)   School Counseling
  E (10:48-11:34)   School Counseling
  F (11:40-12:26)  Mount Ida School Counseling
  G (12:32-1:18)  UNH-Manchester School Counseling
  H (1:24-2:10)   School Counseling
Weds. Oct. 18 A (7:15-8:06)   School Counseling
  B (8:12-8:58)   School Counseling
  C (9:04-9:50)   School Counseling
  D (9:56-10:42)   School Counseling
  E (10:48-11:34)   School Counseling
  F (11:40-12:26)   School Counseling
  G (12:32-1:18)   School Counseling
  H (1:24-2:10) Mitchell College School Counseling
Thurs. Oct. 19 A (7:15-8:06)   School Counseling
  B (8:12-8:58) Colby College School Counseling
  C (9:04-9:50)   School Counseling
  D (9:56-10:42)   School Counseling
  E (10:48-11:34)   School Counseling
  F (11:40-12:26)   School Counseling
  G (12:32-1:18)   School Counseling
  H (1:24-2:10)   School Counseling
Fri. Oct. 20 A (7:15-8:06)   School Counseling
  B (8:12-8:58)   School Counseling
  C (9:04-9:50)   School Counseling
  D (9:56-10:42)   School Counseling
  E (10:48-11:34)   School Counseling
  F (11:40-12:26)   School Counseling
  G (12:32-1:18) Endicott College School Counseling
  H (1:24-2:10)   School Counseling






Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Team Location Time
Boys Basketball Room 110 2:30 p.m.
Girls Basketball Senior Cafe 2:30 p.m.
Bowling Table Tennis Room 2:30 p.m.
Gymnastics Manning Lecture Hall 3:00 p.m.
Ice Hockey Room 6311 2:30 p.m.
Skiing Royce Room –Athletic conference room Conference Room 3:00 p.m.
Spirit (Cheerleading) Team Room 1 3:15 p.m.
Swimming Room 339 2:30 p.m.
Boys Track Gym – Court 1 2:30 p.m.
Girls Track Gym – Court 1 2:30 p.m.
Wrestling Room 6-329 2:30 p.m.
Unified Basketball Room 101 2:30 p.m.

Try outs for each sport last a minimum of 3 days beginning on the date shown in the chart below. It is important to attend the informational meeting referenced in the chart above to obtain forms and try out information including times and locations of the individual try outs.


Team Day Date Coach
Boys Basketball Monday 12/4 Mr. Rosinski
Girls Basketball Monday 11/27 Ms. Buskey