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Student and Parent Instructions for Accessing Blizzard Bag Day Assignments

Resources for Blizzard Bags:

Participating in Aspen Forum and Submitting Assignments Accessing a Blizzard Bag Assignment

1. Log onto Aspen account.
2. Access a class page from Aspen account.
3. Click on the Blizzard Bag Assignment Folder in the Group Resources section of Aspen page.
4. Select the Assignment (and instructions document if provided) from the Blizzard Bag Assignment folder.

Participating in Aspen Forum:

1. Sign on to Aspen and go to your Academic page (click Academic button on left of screen.)
2. Find the Forums section of your academic page.
3. Click on the appropriate title within the Forums section. This might be Blizzard Bag Assignments Questions or another title as directed by your teacher.
4. A new choice will open allowing you to select the topic/assignment. Click the reply button. Once selected it will allow you to post any question or comment you might have on the assignment. Click the save button to post comment or question.
5. This will enable questions and comments to be posted and seen by other students, once approved by the teacher.

If your teacher is not using the Aspen forum, please email your questions to your teacher: [email protected]

Method for submitting assignments online through Aspen:

1. Go to class page.
2. Click on the assignment located in the Submit Assignments Banner.
3. Complete assignment and save.
4. Upload assignment

(Click browse to find the assignment in your file), then click upload. If teacher is NOT using the online submission, submit your assignment to your teacher upon your return to school the next day. (Please print this page to distribute and review with your students when a Blizzard Bag day is being planned.)