As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.


Dear 2019 Seniors and Parents/Guardians:

Pinkerton Academy has selected Mark Lawrence Photographers as the official school photographers for the class of 2019 yearbook.  Mark Lawrence will be providing photographic coverage of all the important class events that are part of the school yearbook .

An important part of the senior yearbook is the senior section of the yearbook which contains the portrait of each member of the senior class.  This section goes to the yearbook publisher by early November.  To meet this deadline, you should plan on having your senior photographed during the upcoming summer months.  Mark Lawrence has agreed that all images submitted will be of the proper size, resolution, format, and color and must meet the school’s requirements for clothing attire.

To be included in the Senior section of the yearbook, your portrait must be taken by Mark Lawrence Photographers.  A complimentary, 4 pose session, will be provided for those seniors who wish to purchase their photos elsewhereThe complimentary session will take place in September at Pinkerton Academy during underclassmen photo days.

Attached is Mark Lawrence’s senior session price list and scheduling information.

Remember, yearbook photos must come from Mark Lawrence Photographers (they are Pinkerton’s official photographer).  Do not delay.   We do not want anyone left out of the 2019 yearbook 

If you ever have a question or concern about the Critic (yearbook), please contact me.

Best regards,
Mr. Cain
Yearbook Adviser

Senior Portrait Reminder: All senior photos to be published in the 2019 Critic must adhere to the school's dress code. 

Below is the dress code policy as stated in the student handbook:
Dress Code Pinkerton Academy has adopted a dress code policy for all students. All clothing must conform to all other Academy policies and to state and federal health and safety regulations. Certain courses (CTE) may require a specific dress code outlined in the course syllabus. The intent of this dress code is not to interfere with the free exercise of religion, and the Academy shall grant appropriate exceptions to this policy for matters of religious exercise which do not create a risk to public health or safety. This dress code is in effect at all times that school is in session, including mid-year and final exams, and at all school functions. Based upon the guidelines above, judgments related to acceptable clothing shall be made by the administration, and those judgments are not subject to arbitration. Students in violation of the dress code outlined below will be subject to disciplinary action and at the sole discretion of administration, require appropriate clothing to be brought to school or the student sent home to change. A student may be kept out of classes until appropriate attire is worn.

1. Acceptable clothing must be in good condition, free of holes, tears, fraying and not tattered or worn whether or not skin is showing; cut-offs are never acceptable.

2. Acceptable footwear should be safe, comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking around campus.

3. Appropriate tops are to be collared casual or dress shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, or t-shirts with appropriate necklines. Tank tops, tops or dresses with spaghetti straps or any tops that have shoulder straps of less than 2” in width are prohibited.

4. Acceptable shorts or skirts will be no higher than knee length when the person is standing normally. All pants and shorts must be worn at the waist line or above.

5. The following are prohibited: clothing that is too revealing, see through fabric, visible undergarments, pajama bottoms or sleepwear, or comparable attire. All clothing must fully cover the back, butt, breasts and belly of the student.

6. Hats, hoods, and headgear are prohibited except while traveling outside school buildings, in the corridors or during lunches. Bandanas are prohibited at all times.

7. All clothing with inappropriate or suggestive words, phrases or illustrations displaying or promoting alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal substances, prejudice, violence, dismemberment, extreme behavior, and any sexual activity or innuendoes are prohibited. Pinkerton Academy reserves the right at any time to prohibit the display of any article of clothing, headgear, insignia, symbols of “gang” affiliation or any article of clothing which is likely to incite violence or create a risk to the safety of students or faculty.

8.All athletic uniforms (when worn during the school day) must adhere to the Academy’s dress code guidelines. • Certain Academy functions will require a more formal dress code according to the nature of the activity. • All personal grooming, including application of make-up, should be done in bathrooms, locker rooms or the health office. Electrical grooming devices such as hair dryers, hair curlers or straighteners are prohibited. • Students should be considerate of others and limit the amount of applied perfumes or body spray.





Dear Class of 2019 Parents,
The parent ads are a wonderful way to celebrate your children's success and to express sentiments of inspiration for the next stage of their life's journey.
Attached is a parent ad flyer with details about pricing and the web link to Jostens Ad service where you can create a personalized ad for your son/daughter. The ad you design will appear with other parent ads and local business ads in the 2019 Critic.​
Please consider placing an ad to celebrate your child's accomplishments and to help defray the cost of the yearbook.
- Parent Ad Order Form
If you have any questions, please contact Tim Cain, yearbook adviser, at [email protected].




The Critic staff invites all members of the Pinkerton community to download Jostens free app and to capture exciting, memorable moments during school events and activities. The address is The password is Astros2019.  The yearbook staff will use many of the uploaded photos in the 2017 yearbook.  If you have any questions, please contact Timothy Cain at [email protected].