As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.

April 20, 2018

Off Campus Parking-This is a reminder

Parking at:

Hood Commons Plaza, Citizens Plaza, Fieldstone Terrace, Sun View Condominiums or any other surrounding lots without permission, is not allowed.

The management at these locations will have your vehicle towed at your expense.

Towing is expensive! $$$

Social Studies Week 2018

PA Daily Trivia

For Announcements:

This week is Pinkerton Academy’s annual Social Studies Week. Social Studies Week engages students in a variety of subjects ranging from civics and government, to economics, psychology and history - to name a few! Each day, a clue will be read about a specific location on campus. If you know the location of the described clue, go there for a chance to win a prize! You will need to scan a QR code using your phone for a chance to win! See your Social Studies teacher if you have questions!

Day 5:

There are a few historical bust statues left on campus. A few are in the Headmaster's office. They used to grace the hallway of the Pinkerton building during the turn of the century; however, there still is a life size picture of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, in this building on campus.

Attention Underclassmen field hockey players - go and see Coach Van in room 6-305 for information about summer playing opportunities!

Smash Brothers Melee Club-Fri

Smash Brothers Melee Club will meet today after school in room 5224. Don’t forget your controllers.

Prom Tickets- Fri

If you were not able to purchase your prom tickets last week, you have the opportunity to today after school in room 300. Tickets are $75 they are cash or checks only. Checks made out to “PA Class of 2019”. Bring your ID.

Announcement from Doug Cullen:

Job Board

The Job Board outside the CTE Office is "HOT" with nearly a full change-over of new opportunities posted this week across many different industries.   If you're 16 years or older looking for employment, you should definitely see what's new on the board!  This is especially good for graduating seniors that are staying here in N.H. after graduation.

Summer is coming!   And if you're interested in meeting just the right company for both summer and post-graduation employment, please swing by the CTE Office to register for the May 8 Reverse Career Fair.   What's a Reverse Career Fair?   YOU'RE the Vendor and your product is, well, YOU!  

Teachers:  A Reverse Career Fair flips the table and assures students have solid, engaging conversations with potential employers because the students are the vendors.   So if you're trying to teach soft-skills to get students prepared for the workforce or college admission, this is one of the best instruments you can use - and setup is super-easy.  

Simply stop by the CTE Office to register or to get more information for an event that could transform your students' lives!

Class of 2020-Aparel

Sophomores you have the opportunity to purchase Class of 2020 apparel. Long sleeve shirts are $25, T-shirts are $20, sweatshirts are $35, and sweatpants are $25. If you are interested, go online to:

Fri. April 20 E (10:48-11:42) University of Chester , United Kingdom School Counseling