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2017-2018 Blizzard Bag Program Information 

Complete Blizzard Bag Manual

The Blizzard Bag program provides students with at-home, internet-based assignments and instruction, which is to be completed at home on days that school is cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergencies. This program has been approved by the Department of Education with the following conditions: 

  • Work completed at home must be equivalent in rigor and scope to classroom work, 
  • There must be an assessment of all work done for the day, 
  • At least 80% of our students must participate for the day, to count as a school day, 
  • A review of the program must be submitted to the Department of Education at the end of the year. 
  • Faculty must be available to the students (if there is power), via computer, to answer student questions, and 
  • No more than five “Blizzard Bag” days can be used to replace five school days. 

General Information: 

  • If possible, Blizzard Bag days will be called in advance; however, should a storm come unexpectedly, a Blizzard Bag day may be called the night before or the morning of. It will be at the Headmaster's discretion as to whether he calls a snow day or Blizzard Bag day. 
  • Faculty will post assignments through Aspen or Google Classroom by 9:00 am of the morning of the Blizzard Bag day. Assignments should be no longer than 20-25 minutes in length. 
  •  Should a student not have access to a computer or the internet on the day a Blizzard Bag day is called, teachers will have hard copies of the assignment available for them. 
  •  All students have up to 48 hours after returning from the Blizzard Bag day to turn in their assignments. 
  • Blizzard Bag assignments will be graded as a homework or a classwork assignment and recorded in Aspen. 
  •  Should a student not complete a Blizzard Bag assignment, the student will receive a zero for the assignment and will be marked absent from the individual class, which will count against Pinkerton’s attendance policy. 
  •  For Special Education students, case coordinators will be online for a minimum of three hours to assist students with their Blizzard Bag assignments as needed. 

If you have any questions regarding the Blizzard Bag program, please do not hesitate to contact the Dean of Faculty at 603-437-5200 ext. 2111 or at [email protected]