As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.

Emergency Messages, School Closures/Delays, Attendance Alerts, General Announcements

Pinkerton Academy utilizes the SchoolMessenger service to send out alerts and automated messages. These messages include (but are not limited to) emergency announcements, school cancellations and delays, and attendance alerts. Messages are delivered via Phone, Email, Text, and Smartphone Push Notifications.

Students, Parents, Guardians, and Faculty are in control of how these messages are delivered. Using the links below you can login to SchoolMessenger to update your contact information and choose how you are notified. The contact information you provided for your student at the beginning of the school year has been pre-loaded. There is no need to re-enter or update that information. However, logging in to SchoolMessenger will allow you to add additional phone numbers, email addresses, and opt-in to receive text messages.

Please note: The contact information in SchoolMessenger is only used when sending alerts and automated messages. This information can be different from the information the school offices use when contacting you. For example; via SchoolMessenger you can add an additional phone number to receive school cancelation text messages. That phone number will only be used when sending cancellation messages and is not accessible and will not be used when the school offices contact you.

How to login to SchoolMessenger:

Logging in to SchoolMessenger will allow you to update your contact preferences. You can access SchoolMessenger via the link below or by navigating to; or by downloading the App for your smart phone.

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To login for the first time you only need your e-mail address; you will create your own password. Clicking on the "Sign Up" link at the top right of the SchoolMesseger site will instruct you to create a password for you first time logging on. Your SchoolMessenger account is linked to the e-mail address you have provided to Pinkerton.
  • Students & Faculty - Use your Pinkerton provided email address. Student’s email addresses are <ID Number>
  • ParentsUse the email address that is associated with your Aspen account. If you are unsure what e-mail that is, please contact Student Information Services ([email protected]) to obtain or update the e-mail address on file.
-What types of messages are sent via the Alert System?
Listed below are different types of alerts you can subscribe to. Emergency, Closure, and Attendance messages will contain a voice message, e-mail message, and text message (if you have opted-in to text messaging). All other messages may only contain an e-mail component.
 Emergency Announcement  These alerts will be sent out if there is an emergency that requires your immediate notification. For example: a school lockdown.
 School Closure/Delay  School closure alerts will be sent when school opening is delayed or cancelled. For example: closure due to a snow storm
 Attendance Notifications  Attendance messages are sent if your student is marked absent from school and the attendance offices have not received notification from you confirming the absence (Note: These messages won't be sent using this system until mid-December. Prior to that date you will receive a traditional phone call from a school office personnel).
 General Announcements  General announcements will contain information about upcoming events at Pinkerton and other non-emergency messages. These messages will typically be delivered via e-mail only and will not have an accompanying voice message.
-Do we need two SchoolMessenger accounts for each parent/guardian of our student?
No. Just like with Aspen, both parents/guardians can login with the same account. You can then add additional e-mail addresses or phone numbers to that account if you both wish to be notified.

If you do want to separate accounts and don't already have separate Aspen accounts; please contact Student Information Services ([email protected]) to get that setup.
-I forgot my SchoolMessenger password, or I am unable to login?
Pinkerton is not able to look up or reset your InfoCenter password. Please use the "Forgot Your Password?" link in InfoCenter to reset your password.
If you are still unable to login, please contact Student Information Services ([email protected]) and we will try to get it resloved.
-Do I need to re-enter all of the contact information I have already given the school?
No. The contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses) that your provided for your primary contact at the beginning of the year has been pre-loaded into the SchoolMessenger system. There is no need for you to login to SchoolMessenger unless you wish to add or change that information (see related question below).
-Does the contact information in SchoolMessenger need to match what I have provided the school?
No. The contact information the school has on file can be different from the information you change in SchoolMessenger. To clarify: We take the information you have provided us at the beginning of the school year and upload that to InfoCenter. If you login to InfoCenter and make any changes; those changes will override what we have sent. The changes you make in InfoCenter do NOT override what the school offices have on file. 
If you need to also update the contact information the school offices have on file; please contact Student Information Services ([email protected]) to do so.
-Will you send text messages to my cell phone?
Text messages will be sent out; but only if you have opted-in to receive text messages via SchoolMessenger. Even if the phone number we have on file is a cell phone; we will not send you text messages until you opt-in to receive them. By logging in to SchoolMessenger you have the option of picking one or more phone numbers to receive text messages on.