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Two Pinkerton Teams win 3rd VEX tournament at Pembroke Academy

The 3rd Vex tournament of the season was held Saturday December 1st at Pembroke Academy. There were 40 teams competing from across the state including all 6 Pinkerton Vex teams. 4 of Pinkerton’s teams made it through the 78 qualifying matches with Team Driven- 241D, the 2nd place finisher and the A-Team – 241A the 10th place becoming an alliance throughout the quarter, semi, and finals round. In the one-and-done event finals, the teams have to be ready. Driven and A-Team made it to the final match, beating the #1 Trinity team, and #3 Kennett team in the last match by 1 point. This is the 3rd competition so far this year and Pinkerton teams have won awards or tournament champions in all 3. This now adds A-Team as qualifiers to attend the regional tournament in February with a chance to get to the Worlds Finals in April. Congrats to all the Pinkerton teams for competing hard and representing Pinkerton well!

vex 3
Pinkerton’s A-Team and Team Driven (left –right) A-Team members: Hailey Sauer, Allyson Turner, John Horan, Gabe DeManche, captian Katie Allan, Nick Kahn. Team Driven members: Jason Morton, captain Adrien Anderson, Devin Shattuck, Diamond Pope, Patrick Garcia