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The following was submitted by Pinkerton CTE Teacher and SkillsUSA Advisor, Mike Eno.

Pinkerton Academy CTE has champions.  Positive results of their hard work has been reflected and recognized today, March 19, 2017.  I am very proud of all the students and their advisors.  A special thanks to any CTE student who did not win gold or a medal.  They took a chance, some of them stepped out of their comfort zone and tried their best.  All SkillsUSA students are champions.  


Pinkerton Academy CTE SkillsUSA Chapter would not be successful if we did not get support from the CTE Director Jen Haskins and Assistant CTE Director Tracy Untiet.  We are very fortunate to have such professional and caring administrators that understands the importance of our organization.  We can never thank them enough.  I would like to recognize our Headmaster Griffin Morse for his continued support of our chapter.  A special thanks to Rolfe Voltaire and Dale Cremone  for their graphic wizardry and student support!  Sara Eno thanks for the millions of hours you put in. A very personal thank you to Eileen Gioe and Angela Ashley for processing all the paperwork and money throughout the year. You too Doug Cullens, thanks for your support and and the resume wrting lesson to our chapter :-)    

My sincere congratulations to all the CTE teachers who participated in SkillsUSA this year: Adam Houston, Chris Lord, Justin Smith, Dudley Hodgkinson, Kevin Bibeau, Keith Desjardins, Dawn Kraves, Lauren Benson, Keryl Reid, Ernie Biron and Mike Kulik.  You worked hard and once again your students reaped the benefits.

Congratulations to the chapter officers: David Crafts, Mark Revis, Morgan Jaquith, Sky Eno, Kyle Brown, Megan Kimball and Dan Higgins for earning the Quality Chapter Award along with advisers Mike Eno and Sara Eno.

Congratulations to the chapter officers and chapter advisers for earning the Chapter of Distinction Level 2 - Gold Medal.

Congratulations to Sky Eno and Dusty Anderson for being elected state officers.

Our Chapter of Success Statistics

  • 134 Pinkerton CTE students signed up this year (a new record)

  • 21 teachers signed up this year

    • 155 total SkillsUSA PA members

  • 80 students competed in 29 contests

    • 46 students won a medal (a new record)

    • 23 gold (a new record), 13 silver and 10 bronze medals

  • Computer Systems (Mike Eno) won 11 medals (5 gold, 2 silver, and 4 bronze)

    • Pin design won 1 gold medal

    • T-Shirt design won 1 gold medal

  • Leadership (Sara Eno) won 6 medals (2 gold, and 2 silver individuals / 1 gold and 1 silver as a team)

  • Welding (Adam Houston) won 3 medals (1 gold individual and 1 gold and 1 bronze as a team of three)

  • Video Production (Chris Lord) won 2 medals (1 gold as a team and 1 silver as a team of two)

  • Automotive (Dawn Kraves) won 1 medal (1 gold)

  • Electrical (Justin Smith) won 2 medals (2 gold)

  • Carpentry (Dudley Hodgkinson) won 2 medals (1 silver and 1 bronze)

  • Power Equipment (Kevin Bibeau) won 2 medals (1 gold and 1 bronze)

  • Cosmetology (Keryl Reid-Rabideau) won 1 medal (1 gold with a model)

  • Computer Programming (Mike Kulik) won 1 medal (1 bronze)

Individual and Team Winners by Contest (please congratulate these students when you see them)

Automotive Service (Automotive)

Gold  Steiger Brown

Carpentry (Building Construction)

           – Bronze  Derek St Pierre

– Silver  Zachery Lebel

Computer Maintenance (Computer Systems)

           – Bronze  James Gautreau

– Silver  Trevor Morrison

Gold   David Crafts

Computer Programming (Programming)

              – Bronze  Elijah Johnson

Electrical Wiring (Electrical)

             – Gold Nathan Hanson

Esthetics (Cosmetology)

- Gold  Samantha Masciari & model

Digital Camera Production (Video Production)

              – Silver  Dylan Durazzano & Hailey Hicks

Gold   Caroline Masessa & Chloe Pacocha

Industrial Motor Control (Electrical)

Gold  David Farias

Internetworking (Computer Systems)

              – Bronze   Daniel Lanternier

– Silver   Morgan Jaquith

Gold   Joseph Tardiff

Job Interview (Marketing)

             – Gold   Mark Revis

Promotional Bulletin Board (Teacher Prep, Computer Applications and Finance)

              – Silver  Sydney Devine & Grace Gill

Gold  Kyle Brown, Skyler Eno, & Meghan Kimball

Mobile Robotic Technology  (Engineering)

– Silver Tie  Jessica Lacey & Stasia Sturdivant  

– Silver Tie Adrian Anderson & Ben Clough

Power Equipment (Small Engines)

              – Bronze   Allison Demirjian

Gold   Gabriela Mayoral-Roig

Prepared Speech (Engineering)

– Silver  Dusty Anderson

Gold   Kyle Eno

Related Technical Math (Engineering)

– Silver   Hamza El Boudall

Technical Computer Applications (Computer Systems)

              – Bronze  Nicholas Spanos

Telecommunications Cabling (Computer Systems)

              – Bronze   Wade Shorey

Gold   Christopher Casimir

Welding Fabrication (Welding)

              – Bronze   Shane Cahill, Cameron McQueeney, & Brendan Newell

Gold   Christian Gendreau, Isaiah Martinez, Benjamin Vachon

Welding Sculpture (Welding)

     Gold   Morgan Brown

Pin Design (Computer Systems)

Gold Sky Eno

T-Shirt Design (Computer Systems)

Gold Sky Eno

Chapter of Distinction:  Gold

Leadership Team:

  • Mike Eno Adviser

  • Sara Eno Assistant Adviser

  • David Crafts President

  • Morgan Jaquith VP - Community Service

  • Mark Revis VP - Fundraising

  • Skyler Eno Secretary

  • Daniel Higgins Treasurer

  • Meghan Kimball Reporter

  • Kyle Brown Parliamentarian