As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.

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Department Contact Information                                               
Phone 603-437-5200 x 1136      
Fax 603-437-5207 (please include coverpage)
Special Education Office Hours: M-F (School Days) 7am-3:15pm 


“Communication… Collaboration… Understanding”

Through communication, collaboration, and understanding, the staff of the Special Education Department will assist their students to realize their full potential in school and to the transition into life after high school.  All members of the department respond in a professional way to diverse needs by remaining knowledgeable in their respective fields while planning and providing services through team effort with each other, students, parents, outside agencies and the entire Pinkerton Academy staff.


Need to reach your students teacher: Most of our teachers do not have phones in the classrooms. You are more than welcome to leave a voicemail at their phone extension and they will call you back at their earliest convenience. Email is the best way to reach them. If there is an emergency, please contact the Special Ed Office and the staff will gladly assist you in reaching your students teacher.  Email Format (first initial, last name







 Contact: Ms. Graziano    [email protected]

This program services the majority of all special education students currently enrolled at the Academy. It is designed to service students with mild to moderate educational disabilities. In the Resource room, students and staff work collaboratively on Individual goals in the areas of reading, writing, executive functioning/organizational skills, transition and language process skills. Students may also go to the resource room to take tests and work on projects. The resource room provides daily contact between the student and their case coordinator.

The time that the student spends in the Resource room is not in place of time spent in a subject matter classroom. The student is scheduled into the assisted study hall during their non-classroom time and there is no credit attached to the program.




Contact: Mr. Conley    [email protected]

This program is designed for students who require functional life skill classes. Students are recommended by the Special Education team. This program focuses on independent living skills and skills necessary for the student to be gainfully employed. Course selection for credit and/or skill units and diploma options are based on individual needs. Supervised work experience during the school day may be provided through our Work to Learn program. Some students also receive related services like physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech and language therapy. Several courses such as Daily Living Skills and Work to Learn incoporate trips into the community.




Contact: Mr. Hibbard    [email protected]

The PASSES program provides a continuum of specialized services for students who need additional support to manage social and emotional needs. These include academic classes, resource room and counseling. IEP teams teams can develop individualized student programs from the various PASSES and mainstream offerings. PASSES offers up to 11 out of the 22 credits required for graduation in the specialized setting.





Contact: Mr. Flinn    [email protected]

Autism is not a predictable or uniform disability. It presents differently in every student. There is no "one size fits all" approach. Pinkerton Academy's ASD supports have been designed to meet and assist each student at his or her individual ability level.

IEP teams may determine if supports such as sensory room breaks, speech language servies and/or Personal Cumminication Enrichment (PCE) are needed for the student.

NEW CLASS DEVELOPMENT: Post-Secondary Independence (PSI) is designed to be a continuation of skills developed in Personal Communication Enrichment as they relate to communication and interpersonal skills needed to transition out of Pinkerton Academy and into the work force or post-secondary education. Instruction will take place through group discussion, modeling, video recordings, role play, scripting and cooperative learning activities. This class is recommended for students in their final semester at Pinkerton Academy. The class is co-taught by a Speech-Language Pathologist/Specialist and the ASD Specialist.

The goal is to increase academic, language and behavioral competencies and to augment innate proficiencies. We concentrate on communication, behavior and social skill deficits. Our prime objective is for every student to empower their independence and their ability to productively interact in mainstream social settings.


For more information on these programs, please contact the appropriate staff.



Special Education Team meetings do not take place when school is cancelled or not in session. 

If there is a 90 min school delay, team meetings that are set for 7:15am and an 8:12am (A & B Period) will be rescheduled. All other meetings will take place as planned, however teacher attendance will need to be waived as they will then be unable to attend.

Current Special Education Families at Pinkerton: Are you calling about an upcoming Special Education TEAM meeting (need to confirm the time, reschedule, ask a question) please call our Scheduler at  603-437-5200 X 1216 between 7a and 3:15pm. If she is unable to answer your question she will direct you to your students Case Coordinator. 

Please understand that there maybe times where we may have to contact you to reschedule. Due to the nature of the business and the numerous people involved in your childs eduction there are times where things just don't line up with the availability on the schedule. We do our best to make sure that the appropriate people are invited to your students team meetings. If we get in a real bind you may be asked to conduct the meeting via phone conference.
At any given time you may contact your students Case Coordinator or individual Teacher directly to request a Parent/Guardian Teacher Conference (not as formal as a team meeting). Those requests do not go through the Special Education office.
A TEAM meeting (Discussions about the IEP) will consist of inviting: A Pinkerton Special Education Rep, the District LEA, a Regular Ed Teacher, a Program Coordinator and Service Specialists (if applicable), the School Counselor and the Associate Dean, the student and their parent/guardian. Not all participants are needed or required for all the various types of meetings. The only time the team is needed and a meeting should be scheduled is when there are questions regarding service delivery in the classroom and IEP changes are needed. 
If you are not sure which kind of meeting you might need, please start by asking and raising your question or concern with the students Case Coordinator or speaking with your child's teacher directly.
So that you are aware, generally our meeting times follow the class schedule time and generally run 45 minutes unless otherwise stated. Our first meeting of the day is 7:15am and the last meeting is 1:24pm. Early releases and delay of school start time then the scheduled meeting times maybe be different, please call the office if you have questions.
New to Pinkerton Academy Special Education: Are you a Special Education student/family that just moved to the area, transferring from another school? Please click on our Special Education Tab "I am moving to the area....and considering Pinkerton Academy" for indepth details on the transition process.

Parking    VISITOR PARKING INSTRUCTIONS/VISITOR PASS                          


All Visitor parking is located in front of the Pinkerton Academy Clock Tower Building on the upper loop only.

This change was emailed to the Pinkerton Academy Community on 2/23/2018 by Mr. Powers.

After Parking:All visitors/guest must check in at the Main Office in the Shepard Building to get a visitors pass prior to reporting to the Special Ed Office or the Registrar’s office on the 3rd floor of the Low Building.

If you are new to PA, we ask that you visit the registrar prior to your meeting to finalize any registration paperwork. You will still need to follow the steps above for parking.

If you or someone in your party have a disability and/or need elevator access, please call the Main office in the Shepard Building 603-437-5200 X 0 for instructions on how to access.

You will need to check out at the main office after your meeting has been completed.

copiesDo you need copies of Special Ed Documents? (IEP's, Evaluations etc)

Pinkerton Academy keeps student records on file for 2 years post graudation. Student documents are then returned to their sending district Superintendant offices. If the records you are looking for fall within that timeline please call your town SAU.

To save you money, it is always prudent to look for old record copies. Pinkerton Academy's policy is to always provide parents/guardians with a copy of documentation submitted/created during meetings.

**If you child is over the age of 18 then they must request and pick up their records themselves. If the student is a minor, then a parent/guardian with proper identification may request documents. Both scenarios will need the Release of Information form completed and will need proper identification and payment upon pick up.   Release_of_Information_Form.pdf  You may bring this completed form in when you pick up your documents or you may Fax it to our attention at 603-437-5207.

To request the records please call 603-437-5200 x 1136.

We ask that you give the office a minimum of 3 business days to obtain and copy your records for you. Upon completion, we will call you when they are ready for pick up and let you know the cost for the copies. The current documentation rate is .20 per page. A check payable to Pinkerton Academy are accepted as payment. We can not take cash or credit card. Payment is due upon receipt.

If a college or school is looking to obtain student records: the school/college will need your student to complete a release at their office. We ask you to make sure we have the proper information on the release (Name, Title/Dept, Phone/Fax # and address) of where the documents are to be sent and to whom. They will need to call our office and fax the release to our attentionWe will send the copies to the school directly.


employee-handbooks HANDBOOKS 

State Department of Ed: 8/29/2017 Memo #16
The Procedural Safeguards Handbook has been translated into the following languages:
Brazilian Portuguese
Latin American Spanish
Maay Maay
Traditional Chinese
The translated Procedural Safeguards Handbook have been posted on the Bureau's website:

community-resources-1200x661 COMMUNITY & SPECIAL EDUCATION RESOURCES

List of Additional Special Educational Resources Online

Disability Support Services Contacts for NH Colleges and Universities
Support and Transition Services



The New Frontier

Youth with intellectual disabilities have not had many chances to go to college. This is changing as individuals across the country begin to create opportunities for these youth to reap the benefits of postsecondary education. This website will provide information and links to anyone interested in finding out more about the possibilities.

The site is divided into sections for studentsfamily members, and professionals and features the following:

  • Searchable database of postsecondary education programs that support youth with intellectual disabilities, designed to allow individuals to submit information about additional postsecondary education programs.
  • Discussion board designed by students -- for students who are interested in sharing college experiences.
  • "Choice for Everyone" Listserv, hosted by the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Membership includes family members and a wide range of professionals.
  • Resource section that contains web-based resources with links to other sites and a bibliography listing related publications. Individuals will be able to submit suggestions for additional links and publications.




Are you moving to the area? Transferring from another school? Returning to Pinkerton as a former student?

If you are a special education student (a student with a current IEP) thinking of coming to PA, here are some tips you need to know about the process.


The staff at Pinkerton Academy is committed to preparing you for success in life and making your high school experience the best it can be. We always suggest that you get familiar with the area. If you would like to take a tour of our campus, please go to Pinkerton's homepage click Admissions and then you will see the tab for taking a campus tour.

Once you are ready, start the steps listed below.

Contact the Registrars office: Ms. Cofrin or Ms. Braley 603-437-5200x 1177 and let them know your situation. For more information about the Registrar's business hours: please go to Pinkerton website home page, click Admissions button and open the registrar tab. Their office is located at the end of the hall on the 3rd flr of the Low Building Room 5-305.

They will let you know everything you need to do and collect before you can meet with them to register at Pinkerton as a Special Education student. They will set up a Special Education meeting for your student at the same time. Listed below are the things you will need to get ready before this meeting takes place.

Please make sure you have all necessary documents in hand before you arrive. This helps the process go smoothly and a bit faster if everything is complete and ready to roll.

 The items that you will need are listed below.

 A completed record release consent form and the following:

  • Proof of residency (tax bill, lease or mortgage statement)
  • Copy of students Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Record and copy of most recent Physical Exam
  • Unoffical Transcript from last school attended
  • Proof of promotion from grade 8 (for incoming Freshman only) and 8th grade report card
  • Grades to date of withdrawal
  • Current IEP and last 3 years of Evaluations/Testing (IMPORTANT:MUST BE PROVIDED PRIOR TO MEETING TIME) If you do not have these documents prior to your scheduled meeting date please call to reschedule. These documents are required for the Special Education Meeting. Special Education IEP's and Testing/Eval information can be faxed prior to the meeting to our fax # 603-437-5207 Attn: L Forkey Special Education or they can be emailed to [email protected].  I suggest calling the Special Education Office at 603-437-5200 x 1136 to confirm receipt.
  • Proof of Court Appointed Guardianship (if applicable)
  • Proof of Physical Custody and current Parent Plan (if applicable)

All the items listed above in black can be sent to the Registrar: Ms. Cofrin via fax 603-437-5207 Attn: Registrar and please note "new registration on the coverpage" or via email [email protected] Subject: New Registration Information.


Once the meeting is set it will take about one hour to complete the process. Your student must be present for the meeting.

If you have questions about the Special Education Transition process please call the Special Education/Student Services office at 603-437-5200 x1136. Student Services are locatated on the 3rd flr of the Low Building Room 5-301.

We appreciate your team work and cooperation in this process. Our ultimate goal is to make the transition easy and enjoyable.

Welcome to PA!- GO ASTROS!

 Summer Programs for Special Education 


Summer Graphic 2016

P.A.CONNECTIONS-5 day A.S.D. Summer Transition Program  COMING SUMMER 2018 

July 30th, Aug 1, Aug 3 & Aug 9. The group will also meet on Aug 7th (Freshman Field Day)


The focus of P.A. Connections is to focus on various social skills and problem-solving activities to assist students in familiarizing themselves with Pinkerton Academy. See attached flyer for more details.

PA CONNECTIONS 2018 Info Letter.pdf

P.A. Connections ASD Summer Program Parking Map.pdf

Building Bridges Summer Program   foundation-building-bridges SUMMER 2018       20 day program (dates listed on Parent Flier)

Building Bridges is an individualized special education and/or related services (such as speech/language therapy or occupational therapy) 20-day program uniquely designed to maintain learned skills and/or support emerging skills for our students with disabilities. 


   Building Bridges Parking.pdf



Summer Math Tutoring Program                        COMING SUMMER 2018       20 day program

Summer Math Tutoring Program is a tutoring program to help with basic math skills utilizing I-Ready software, small group instruction and a variety of fun activities to help build basic math skills.  The team will decide on students who will be attending.

PLEASE USE Building Bridges Parking Map for Drop off and Pick up locations.



2017-2018 School Year Upcoming Events



NHTC   2018-2019 School Year Date: To be announced

Transition night began almost 2 decades ago as an opportunity for families of developmentally disabled students to meet with and hear from those who provide services after the age of 21. A group of area schools (NHTC-The NH Transition Collaborative) pooled their resources and made it financially viable to hold an event for these families, as well as the ability to offer SPECS (Specific Planning Encourages Creative Solutions) classes to those who would otherwise not be able to afford them. Recently the collaborative expanded their offerings, continuing to serve the families of developmentally disabled youth and added services for families of those students on the Autism Spectrum. The event typically has a Keynote speaker, breakout sessions, and time to chat with vendor services. Light refreshments are served. This year the event will be held at the Stockbridge Theater at Pinkerton Academy.   

For more information about NHTC go to