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Social science education is essential for all high-school students. A sound understanding of the social sciences contributes to the survival of democratic institutions. Social Studies courses trace the origins of democratic principles, show how and why principles of democracy have flourished, and encourage responsible citizenship.

Social science education is also important because it contributes to the growth and development of the individual. By examining the complexities of human behavior; the epic stages of social, cultural, and scientific development; and the problems that confront modern society, students develop a better understanding of who they are and where they have come from. Students also gain deeper insights into the social forces that affect their lives.

We in the Social Studies Department invite you to explore a diverse range of courses, many with multiple levels of difficulty. If you have specific questions, please direct them to the Department Head, Jennifer Resmini ([email protected]).

Social Studies Teacher's Contact Information:

Name E-Mail Extension Name E-Mail Extension
Jennifer Resmini [email protected] x2151 Jon L'Ecuyer [email protected] x4374
Vanessa Barros [email protected] x4245 Aaron Levesque [email protected] x4221
Nicolle Brenza [email protected] x4253 Molly Lucia [email protected] x4212
Christine Cavedon [email protected] x4349 Elizabeth McGarty [email protected] x4150
Peter Crowell [email protected] x4148 Elizabeth Mykytyn [email protected] x4248
Christina Doherty [email protected] x4357 Christopher O'Neil [email protected] x4226
Jeremy Dunn [email protected] x4227 Linda Ouellette [email protected] x4230
Megan Evans [email protected] x4366 Peter Rosinski [email protected] x4116
Grace Flint [email protected] x4365 Jeffrey Sojka [email protected] x2152/x4372
Ian French [email protected] x4373 Geraldine Tallini [email protected] x4364
Steven Gaudreau [email protected] x4247 Katie Van Nostrand [email protected] x4347
Diane Gioseffi [email protected] x4229 Thomas Weatherby [email protected] x4323
Eli Huebner [email protected] x4367 Cody Wheaton [email protected] x4262
Nichole Iacuzio [email protected] x4232 Michael White [email protected] x4255
Michael LaChance [email protected] x4371