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JROTC 2016 Officers, 4th Quarter

 DSC9763 opt

 DSC9723 opt



C/Col. Gibbons

C/Lt Col. Estes

C/CMSgt. Sayward

Group Commander

Deputy Corp Commander

Operatons Support

Squadron Commander

Command Chief

 DSC9711 opt   Rodriguez Bowen

C/Maj. Melton

Drill and Ceremonies Officer

G Flight Commander

C/Msgt Schumacher

Public Affairs Officer

C/1st Lt. Rodriguez

Operations Officer

C/1st Lt. Bowen

            H Flight Commander

Maracin Coulon    

C/1st Lt. Maracin

Personnel Officer

C/Capt. Coulon

Athletics Officer

C/Msgt. Morrison

Acting Safety Officer

C/Msgt. Caddy

 Acting Model/RC/Rocketry Club


Marsh Robadeilx Bobeck  

C/Maj. Marsh

Special Projects Officer

C/Maj. Robidoux

Finance Officer

C/Maj. Bobek

F Flight Commander

C/Maj. Nall

Information Management


C/MSgt Shucmacher

Acting Public affairs officer