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22nd Annual New Hampsire Military Ball 

- Saturday, April 30th, 2016 -

The NH Military Ball sponsored by the NH National Guard will be held on Sat., April 30th , from 6-10:00PM at the center of New Hampshire (Radisson Hotel) in Manchester. This event will be a formal sit-down dinner and dancing to a band run by the 39th Army National Guard. Cadets must be aware that the tickets are $27.50, any misbehavior will result in the cadet being sent home with their parents. Cadets are responsible for the behavior of their guest as well. Ice water will be available for dinner only and cadets wanting soda should bring some spending money and be ready to pay a couple dollars each for a soda. In the past there was been a commercial photographer available to take optional pictures in two packages in the $15-25 range.


Male cadets who have been issued a full uniform must wear their service dress uniforms and may substitute a white shirt or blouse in place of their blue shirts along with tie and service dress coat. Please help make sure they wear black socks! Those in uniform don’t not need to bring their hat and will be excused from uniform wear the following week. Cadets who have not been issued a full uniform or guests must dress formally, ladies in fancy dress or gown (with straps) and guys in sport coat/suit and tie, no sneakers, sweaters or jeans. Failure to dress appropriately will result in denial of admission to the event with no refund. This is a formal event with generals attending. Cadets should plan on arriving at the JROTC room by 5:15PM and bus will leave promptly at 5:30PM. Cadets MUST ride the bus both ways. We expect on returning to Pinkerton about 10:30PM so please be prompt in picking up your cadet as the instructors cannot leave the cadets remaining.