As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.

Foreign Languages

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Pinkerton Academy students not only learn the mechanics of another language but also explore the cultures, histories and traditions of those who speak it. Working with the faculty, students experience different ways of thinking, living, and communicating. 

Pinkerton offers courses in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Latin, and American Sign Language.

Pinkerton offers students a variety of study and travel opportunities outside the classroom, including trips to China, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Greece and Italy. In addition, students are given opportunities for immersion locally through workshops and social events organized by faculty.


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“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

2016 Foreign Language Department Photo 1

Teacher Name Language Email Address
Alizio, Jon Spanish
Barriere, Jenn Spanish
Chase, Katherine Spanish/English for Speakers of Other Languages
Couture, Guy French
Christensen, Gale American Sign Language
Farley, Amy Spanish
Frenette, Josee French
Frank, William (Toby) Spanish
Hastings, Kurt Spanish
Hourihane, Stacey French
Hudson, Beth American Sign Language
Mireles, Loly Spanish
Mitchell, Lindsay Spanish
McCabe, Maureen Department Head/Spanish
Olkovikas, Mat Latin
Padian, Carole Spanish
Phelps, Mark Spanish
Rosado, Gerry Spanish
Ross, Liz French/Spanish
Schlachter, Judell German
Schmidt, Peter Spanish
Smith, Vallery Latin
Vaitones, Ed German
Wegner, Jessie Chinese

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The foreign Language Department Sponsors a variety of Clubs and Organizations including:

American Sign Language Club (contact

Classical Society (contact )

Foreign Language Honor Society (contact )

Elementary Spanish Club (contact

International Club (contact



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“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

Travel opportunities abound for Pinkerton Students including:

2 Week Spanish Exchange Program with Colegio Askartza Claret

2 Week Spanish Language Immersion Program in Costa Rica with INTERCULTURA

Trips to France, Germany, Mexico

Shorter 3 day excursions to Quebec City (French) and New York (Spanish)

Quebec City 2016 Winter WeekendCosta Rica 2016

Spain 2015 Toledo


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