As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.

The information in Pinkerton's Course Catalog is designed to familiarize students and parents with school courses and programs, scholastic requirements, policies, facilities, personnel, and general information. We hope this catalog will answer questions you have regarding these areas and will provide you with sufficient information to make wise decisions regarding courses, programs, and opportunities. We urge you to read carefully the information under “Scholastic Progress and Course Selection”, as it specifies the requirements for scholastic progress and graduation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact an administrator. We encourage you to inform us of any special situations or circumstances, and come to us for assistance when you need it. We cannot help with problems unless we are aware of them. We hope you have a pleasant and rewarding school year. An “Acknowledgement” requiring a parent’s signature to confirm receipt of the Pinkerton Academy Course Catalog and Student Planner is sent either electronically or via standard mail.