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The purpose of this program is to offer students an opportunity to recover a course competency for which they have earned a passing grade for the course, but have not fulfilled all of the course competency requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if my student qualifies for the competency recovery program?  

The student would have received a final course grade of CF instead of a numerical/letter grade.  You would likely also receive notification from the school counselor or the recovery program director.

How often does the competency recovery program run?

The program runs twice a year - at the end of each semester.  Students have one quarter to complete the competency recovery from the semester prior in order to regain credit for the course.  Specific deadlines will be posted during each session.



March 8, 2017 - Final registration deadline

No later than March 15, 2017 - Connect registered students with teachers to recover competencies

March 31, 2017 - Final day to return competency work to teachers for assessment


How do I register my student for the competency recovery program?  

Complete the registration form and return it with payment ($25 check or money order) to the Senior Office in the Fine Arts Building.  Please be sure to write clearly and use the most updated contact information possible on the form.


What happens once my student is registered?

The student will be connected with a teacher, not necessarily their teacher from the course, to help them recover the missed material.  Students will receive a checklist of steps to follow regarding the recovery process, as will the teacher.  Individual appointments will be set before, during, or after school for your student to meet with the teacher.  Some of the work may be done independently and then returned to the teacher for assessment.

What happens once my student completes the competency recovery program?

The original grade for the course will be reinstated on the student's transcript and credit for the course will be assigned.

What if my student does not participate in the competency recovery program?

The course(s) in which there was a competency failure will not be issued credit and may need to be repeated in full by the student if required for graduation.

For further information, please contact the program director:

Sharon Clute

(603) 437-5200 ext. 1223