As a unique, independent academy, Pinkerton Academy's mission is to strive to ensure the growth of all students in a challenging, respectful, and collaborative environment. The Academy fosters a student-centered community with purposefully designed, interactive and relevant learning opportunities.

Phone Ext.Name/OfficeDepartment  
5128 Academy Bldg.- Tchrs Rm.    
1218 Academy Bldg.- Rm. 6104    
5114 Arts-Confer. Rm.-Fl.2    
5118 Arts-Computer Rm.-Fl.2R    
5119 Arts Workroom-Fl.2R    
2147 CTE Annex Workroom    
1183 Low-SPED Office    
1175 Low-Teachers’ Rm.    
2113 Science-Teachers’ Rm.    
1167 Shepard-Teachers’ Rm.    
1147 Soc. Studies-Teachers’ Rm.    
437-5235 Oval Field House  8 North Main Street  
4444 Hotline    
1190 School Resource Officer  Campus Security  
3101 Griffin Morse /Linda Butler  Headmaster's Office
2112 Tim Powers / Karen Ferguson  Dean of Students
1160 Sharon Clute / Diane Bosia

5104 Pete Dannible /Jo Welch  Administration
2108 Derek Lee/Cheryl Turner  Dean of Studies and Instruction
1156 Roger Konstant/Kathy McEachern  Administration
2111 Bev Lannan/Deb Russell  Dean of Faculty
5102 Kimberly Larkin /Carolyn Coraccio  Freshman Academy
1157 Tina Tanguay/Beth Daneau  Administration
1165 Sue Tartarilla/Loriann Richer  Administration
1174 Suzanne Trice/Kaitie Barry  Freshman Academy
1149 Kevin Yahnian/Gwyn Bayacal  Administration
4279 Abbott, Kristen -Eng  English
4143 Abt, Lynne -CTE  CTE
1144/1145 ACT Program  Special Education  
5109 Adams, Michael -FA  Fine Arts
4107 Alizio, Jonathan -Lang  Language
4234 Anderson, Sandra -Spe  Special Education
4177 Andrews, Candace -Math  Math
1109 Antonellis, Tim -B&G  Buildings and Grounds
1113 Anthony, Shannon -Spe  Special Education
4363 Arciprete-Cronin, Lisa -Spe  Special Education
1173 Ashegh, Angela -CTE  CTE
2115 ATHLETIC OFFICE  Athletics  
4384 Bailey, Lauren -Sci  Science
4178 Bailey, Terry -Math  Math
4247 Banks, Johnathon -Eng  English
1151 Barrieau, Heather -Spe  Special Education
4142 Barriere, Adam -Eng  English
4245 Barros, Vanessa -Soc  Social Studies
1174 Barry, Kaitlin -Attend  Attendance
4197 Bartlett, Brewster -Sci  Science
4274 Barton, Tia -Spe  Special Education
1149 Bayacal, Gwyn -Attend  Attendance
5122 Beaudoin, Maureen -Theatre  Stockbridge Theatre
5124 Beaulieu, Dana -Theatre  Stockbridge Theatre
4301 Benson, Cynthia -Math  Math
4105 Benson, Lauren -CTE  CTE
3110 Bergstrom, Mary Anne -HR  Human Resources
4139 Bernard, Amy -Sci

4360 Bertolino, Kristen -Spe  Special Education
4117 Bibeau, Kevin -CTE  CTE
4153 Bienvenue, Ann -Eng  English
4164 Biron, Ernie -CTE  CTE
4223 Blakeslee, Ken -Sci  Science
1213 Bland, Susan -Spe  Special Education
4239 Boles, Kerry -Spe  Special Education
4240 Borghese, Carol -Spe  Special Education
1160 Bosia, Diane -Attend  Attendance
4152 Botto, Brandon -Math  Math
2104 Boudreau, Jamie -Ath  Athletics
4302 Bradley, Elizabeth -Math  Math
1191 Braley, Jane -SIS  Student Information Services
4237 Breda, John -Sci  Science
2118 Brennick, Linda -Health  Health
4253 Brenza, Nicolle -Soc  Social Studies
4182 Brink, Donna -Math  Math
4236 Bromley, Keith -Sci  Science
4172 Brown, Jennifer -CTE  CTE
4385 Brown, Teresa - Eng  English
1131 Burkhardt, Kaitlin -SC  School Counseling
3110 Burout, MaryAnn -HR  Human Resources
1181 Burt, Susan - SC  School Counseling
4146 Buskey, Lani -Eng  English
1126 Butler, Kirsten -Adult Ed  Adult Education
3101 Butler, Linda -HM Office  Headmaster's Office
5127 CAFE -FRESHMAN  Food Services  
5107 CAFE -SENIOR Food Services   
1161 CAFE -UNDERCLASS Food Services   
5130 Cahill, Mark -CTE  CTE
5112 Cahoon, Matt -Theatre  Stockbridge Theatre
4123 Cain, Tim -Eng  English
4370 Calderone, Susan -Spe  Special Education
1163 CAMPUS CORNER  CTE Accounting  
4138 Canney, Nicole -Eng  English
4241 Carelli, Eric -Spe  Special Education
4174 Carlsen, Deborah -Spe  Special Education
4118 Carr, Emily -Eng  English
3105 Carroll, Kelsey -Fin  Finance
4246 Cavallaro, Parker -Eng  English
4349 Cavedon, Christine -Soc  Social Studies
4170 Chapman, Crystal -Eng  English
1121 Chappell, John -SC  School Counseling
4124 Chappell, Suzanne -Eng  English
4158 Chase, Katherine -Lang  Language
4140 Choiniere, Beatrice -Math  Math
4305 Christensen, Gale -FL  Foreign Languages
2118 Clark, Donna -Health  Health
4379 Clark, Emily -Spe  Special Education
1160 Clute, Sharon -Adm  Administration
1177 Cofrin, Nancy -Registrar  Registrar
4324 Collins, Andrew -Math  Math
1145 Conley, Mark -Spe  Special Education
4249 Conrad, Janet -Spe  Special Education
1155 Conte, Jennifer -Spe  Special Education
1166 Coombs, Matt -IT  Information Technology
4171 Copeland, Janice -FA  Fine Arts
4169 Courtemanche, Denise -Sci  Science
4159 Couture, Guy -Lang  Language
5126 Couture, Linda -Spe  Special Education
1189 Craft, Tammy -SC  School Counseling
1164 Craig, Cheryl -IT  Information Technology
4306 Cremone, Dale -CTE  CTE
4148 Crowell, Peter -Soc  Social Studies
4251 Crowley, Tara -Sci  Science
1141 Cullen, Douglas -CTE  CTE
1195 Cunningham, Frank -Sec  Campus Security
1186 Cunningham, Peggy -IT  Information Technology
4273 Curtin, Stephanie -CTE  CTE
4335 Dailing, Lee -Math  Math
1157 Daneau, Beth -Attend  Attendance
5104 Dannible, Pete -Adm  Administration
4127 DeBenedetto, Janet -Spe  Special Education
1189 Deleault, Jan -SC  School Counseling
4231 Demian, Jyoti -Eng  English
2149 Desjardin, Keith -CTE  CTE
1158 Desmarais, Linda -Office  Attendance
2128 Desrochers, Heather -SC  School Counseling
4326 Desrochers, Linda -Lang  Language
2118 Detollenaere, Bridget-Health  Health
5136 DiMicelli, Christina -IT  Information Technology
4358 Dion, Christine -FA  Fine Arts
4128 Dion, Joe -Eng  English
4281 D'Isidoro, Jenelle -Eng  English
4357 Doherty, Christina -Soc  Social Studies
1118 Donovan, Julie -SC  School Counseling
4380 Donovan, Kyle -PE  Physical Education
4114 Donovan, Tom -CTE  CTE
4383 Dugas, Eric -Spe  Special Education
4227 Dunn, Jeremy -Soc  Social Studies
4331 Dusinberre, Kate -Math

4377 Earle, Derek -CTE  CTE
4129 Easter, Susan -Eng  English
4345 Eno, Mike -CTE  CTE
4401 Eno, Sara -Spe  Special Education
4202 Fair, Becky -Sci  Science
4258 Farley, Amy -Lang  Foreign Languages
4203 Faszewski, Edward -Sci  Science
4106 Faszewski, Penny -PE  Physical Education
2112 Ferguson, Karen -Deans  Administration
4393 Ferreira, Stephanie -Spe  Special Education
4393 Fiery, Danielle -Math  Math
4109 Filter, Kelly -CTE  CTE
3105 FINANCE OFFICE  Finance  
4101 Fischer, Dave -SC  School Counseling
4351 Fitzgerald, Emily -Spe  Special Education
4291 Fletcher, Jim -Soc  Social Studies
4181 Fletcher, Nancy -Math  Math
2131 Flinn, Robert -Spe  Special Education
4365 Flint, Grace -Soc  Social Studies
1182 Forkey, Lisa -Spe  Special Education
4328 Fougere, M. Isabel -Math  Math
4248 Fournier, Jane -Spe  Special Education
4122 Fowler, Jonathan -Eng  English
4161 Frank, Toby -Lang  Foreign Language
4373 French, Ian -Soc  Social Studies
4198 Frenette, Josée -Lang  Foreign Language
4307 Friend-Divers, Chelsea -Sci  Science
1124 Gagnon, Kara -SC  School Counseling
4132 Gagnon, Jason -Eng  English
1161 Gallant, Kathy -UC Cafe  Food Services
4113 Gamelin, Tammy -Eng  English
1110 Garofalo, Vinny -BG  Buildings and Grounds
4252 Garvey, Doris -Math  Math
4348 Garvin, Emmalee -CTE  CTE
5115 Gaucher, Peter -Eng  English
1102 Geary, Bryan -Comm  Publications & Communications
4375 Gentile, Jen -Eng  English
5105 Gerges, Susan -Frosh Café  Food Services
1215 Gilks, Cindy -Spe  Special Education
1172 Gioe, Eileen -CTE  CTE
4229 Gioseffi, Diane -Soc  Social Studies
1194 Giuffrida, Nancy - Spe  Special Education
4102 Gooden, Michael -FA  Fine Arts
4382 Gootee, Doug -Spe  Special Education
1122 Gordon, Sandra -Spe  Special Education
4204 Granger, Maureen -Sci  Science
1227 Graziano, Elizabeth -Spe  Special Education
4205 Gundrum, Stephen -Sci  Science
2117 GYMNASIUM  Athletics  
4168 Hall, Allan -FA  Fine Arts
1123 Hamilton, Jen -PASSES  PASSES
4361 Hanlon, AnneMarie -Sci  Science
4185 Harlan, James -Math  Math
4286 Harms, Patricia -FA  Fine Arts
4395 Harrington, Joanne -Spe  Special Education
1187 Hartlen-Mooers, Katrina-CTE  CTE
1176 Haskins, Jen -CTE  CTE
4163 Hastings, Kurt -Lang  Languages
4194 Hawekotte, Kaelyn -Math  Math
4267 Hayward, Scott -CTE  CTE
2118 HEALTH OFFICE  Health  
4285 Heavey, Gregory -Eng  English
1114 Hebert, Ted -JRTOC  JROTC
4366 Hersey, Megan -Soc  Social Studies
1119 Hibbard, Terry -Spe  Special Education
4206 Hicks, Patricia -Sci  Science
4222 Hodgkinson, Dudley -CTE  CTE
3106 Hogan, Deanne -Fin  Finance
5110 Holm, Mike -B&G  Buildings and Grounds
4215 Hourihane, Stacey-Lang  Foreign Languages
4278 Houston, Adam -CTE  CTE
4339 Howard, Catherine -Sci  Science
4359 Hudak, Donald -Math  Math
4131 Hudson, Beth -Lang  Foreign Languages
4367 Huebner, Eli -Soc  Social Studies
4232 Iacuzio, Nichole -Soc  Social Studies
2200 Internal Student Support    
4188 Iwaskiewicz, Laura -FA  Fine Arts
4280 Jarvis, Brian -CTE  CTE
1144 Johnston, Laura -Spe  Special Education
4298 Jones, Daniel -FA  Fine Arts
4332 Justice, Alexandra  Math
4135 Kebler, Sarah -Sci  Science
1211 Kennedy, Shawn -SC  School Counseling
4134 Kerman, Therese -Eng  English
4111 Kierstead, Kim -Spe  Special Education
4322 King, Jayme -Math  Math
4147 Kneisley, Deborah -Eng  English
1156 Konstant, Roger -Adm  Administration
4321 Kozura, Christopher -Sci  Science
4195 Kraves, Dawn -CTE  CTE
4130 Kulik, Michael -CTE  CTE
437 Lachance, Michael -Soc  Social Studies
1135 Lally, Sharon -Spe  Special Education
3114 Lamy, Lee Ann -Fin  Finance
2111 Lannan, Bev -Adm  Administration
5102 Larkin, Kim -Adm  Administration
4369 Lary, Nina -Eng  English
4210 Lavalley, Lisa -Sci  Science
5125 LEARNING CTR- Rms. 6104-07    
4374 L'Ecuyer, Jonathan -Soc  Social Studies
1216 Ledbetter, Sharon -Spe  Special Education
1104 Lee, Derek -Adm  Administration
4295 Lemire, Robert -Sci  Science
4368 Leszcynski, Linda-Math  Math
4221 Levesque, Aaron -Soc  Social Studies
1143 LIBRARY - €Front Desk  Library  
1146 LIBRARY -Workroom  Library  
4289 Lievens, Sara -Spe  Special Education
4211 Little, Cathy -Sci  Science
4186 Littlefield, Samuel -Eng  English
1111 Lonergan, Lynne -PACE  PACE
4126 Longo, Jeanne -Eng  English
2103 Lord, Christopher -CTE  CTE
4212 Lucia, Molly -Soc  Social Studies
1179 Mahoney, Linda -SC  School Counseling
4336 Mangat, Mandeep -Math  Math
4257 Mann, Stacey -Spe  Special Education
4238 Mannarini, Marisa -Spe  Special Education
4346 Mancinelli, Joe -Sci  Science
4133 Marini, Paula -Spe  Special Education
1169 Mason, Sandra -SIS  Student Information Services
4208 Masterson, Rebecca -Math  Math
4101 Mastromarino, Lynelle -FA  Fine Arts
4288 Matrumalo, Susan -Sci  Science
4120 Matson, Eli -Eng  English
4119 Mazzola, Lila -CTE  CTE
1196 Mazzola, Valerie   School Counseling
1108 McCabe, Maureen-Lang  Foreign Languages
4201 McCarron, Charlene -CTE  CTE
1156 McEachern, Kathleen -Attend  Attendance
4150 McGarty, Beth -Soc  Social Studies
3112 McLaughlin, Priscilla-Fin  Finance
4137 McMahon, James -Eng  English
5129 MEDIA CENTER -Fr.Desk  Library  
1146 Mentus, Christina -Lib  Library
4299 Minahan, Lisa -Spe  Special Education
4225 Mireles, Loly -Lang  Foreign Languages
4319 Mitchell, Julia -Eng  English
4315 Mitchell, Lindsay -FL  Foreign Languages
1120 Mitchell, Paul -SC  School Counseling
4283 Mize, Michelle -CTE  CTE
1214 Monahan, George -SC  School Counseling
4213 Moulaison, Tracey -Math  Math
2123 Moran, Lindsay -PE  Physical Education
3101 Morse, Griffin -Adm  Administration
4214 Morse, William -Sci  Science
4317 Munroe, Rebecca -Math  Math
4266 Murphy, Amanda -Ath  Athletics
4108 Murphy, Bryon -PE  Physical Education
1128 Nazzaro, Rebecca -SC  School Counseling
1105 Neu, Kenneth -Spe  Special Education
4184 Northrup, Cheryl -Spe  Special Education
4192 O'€™Connell, Corbett -Eng  English
1117 O'Connell, Rich -IT  IT
2106 O'Connor, Deb -Sci  Science
4265 O'Connor, Joanne -Eng  English
4292 Olkovikas, Mathew -Lang  Foreign Languages
5108 Olson, Sandra -FA  Fine Arts
4226 O'Neil, Chris -Soc  Social Studies
2115 O'Reilly, Brian -Ath  Athletics
1116 O'Reilly, Patrick -SIS  Student Information Services
4282 Organek, Steven -FA  Fine Arts
4230 Ouellette, Linda -Soc  Social Studies
4325 Padian, Carole -Lang  Foreign Languages
4199 Pagliuca, Marge -Sci  Science
4353 Palladino, Edward -Spe  Special Education
4130 Palmariello, Jessica   Special Education
4125 Parenti, Heidi -Eng  English
1101 Parker, Anne -Alumni  Alumni
1225/1199 PASSES  Special Education  
3107 PAYROLL  HR  
2114 P.E. ROOM - BOYS  Physical Education   
2116 P.E. ROOM - GIRLS  Physical Education  
4187 Peck, Jessica -Spe  Special Education
3117 Pepper, Sarah -Fin  Finance
4268 Pelkey, Melinda -Spe  Special Education
1197 Pepper, Zachary -IT  Information Technology
4296 Phelps, Mark -FL  Foreign Languages
1146 Phillips, Rachel -Lib  Library
1129 Piccolo, Brian -CLM  School Counseling
4362 Picone, Kathi -Spe  Special Education
4233 Piper, Ryan -Spe  Special Education
4378 Pizzi, Jennifer -Spe  Special Education
4180 Plante, Kyle -Sci  Science
4175 Pond, Martha -Sci  Science
2129 Porter, Charles -Rotc  ROTC
2112 Power, Tim -Adm  Administration
1125 Prabhakar, Geeta -SC  School Counseling
5113 PUBLICATIONS Ctr.    
5106 Quigley, Tom -FA  Fine Arts
2137 Rabideau, Keryl -CTE  CTE
4141 Raudonis, Stephanie-Eng  English
3116 Reilley, Kathi -HR  Human Resources
4346 Resmini, Jennifer -Soc  Social Studies
1190 RESOURCE OFFICER  Campus Security  
1178 Rezaee, Lisa -SC  School Counseling
4243 Rhoads, David -Math  Math
1146 Rhodes, Ann -Lib  Library
4260 Rhodes, Lucille -Spe  Special Education
4341 Richardson, Kelly -Spe  Special Education
1165 Richer, Lori -Attend  Attendance
4162 Rioux, Denise -Sci  Science
4183 Roberson, Lauren -Spe  Special Education
4254 Robinson, Rebecca -Spe  Special Education
1152 Robinson, Ryan -B&G  Buildings and Grounds
1146 Roddy, Paula -Lib  Library
4193 Roers, Melissa - Math  Math
1127 Rogers, Christine -SC  School Counseling
4104 Root, Wendy -FA  Fine Arts
4250 Rosado, Gerald -Lang  Foreign Languages
4116 Rosinski, Peter -Soc  Social Studies
4313 Ross, Liz -Lang  Foreign Languages
4350 Rosseau, Marissa -Sci  Science
4217 Roy, Jennifer -Sci  Science
2118 Roy, Linda -Health  Health
4196 Royce, Todd -Math  Math
4337 Rusch, Tracy -Math  Math
2111 Russell, Debbie -Deans  Administration
4275 Russell, Ed -Spe  Special Education
4376 Russell, Robin -Spe  Special Education
1140 Sackmann, Steven -CTE  CTE
4165 Savage, Melissa -Sci  Science
4136 Schlachter, Judell -Lang  Foreign Languages
4166 Schmidt, Peter -Lang  Foreign Languages
4121 Schmit, Erin -Sci  Science
1181 SCHOOL COUNSELING  School Counseling  
5107 Seghezzi, Brenda -Sr Café  Food Services
5107 SENIOR CAFÉ    
1184 Sharp, Rick -Spe  Special Education
4352 Shaw, Fiana -Sci  Science
4207 Sheldon, Patricia -Math  Math
-0- SHEPARD OFFICE  Main Office  
2200 Shriber, Saul -ISS
2118 Sica, Linda -Health  Health
4354 Sirois, Jacob -Sci  Science
1212 Smith, Clare -SC  School Counseling
5127 Smith, Kathy -Frosh Cafe  Food Services
4269 Smith, Justin -CTE  CTE
4224 Smith, Tyler -CTE  CTE
4314 Smith, Vallery -Lang  Foreign Languages
4372/2152 Sojka, Jeff -Soc/Ath  Social Studies / Athletics
4402 Sojka, Meagan -Spe  Special Education
4389 Solloway, Kaitlin -CTE  CTE
1115 Soroko, Kirsten Studies and Instruction
1136 SPECIAL ED. OFFICE  Special Eduction  
4259 Spinelli, Jennifer -Sci  Science
1221 St. Laurent, Pat -SC  School Counseling
4176 St. Onge, Andrea -Ath  Athletics
1112 Steadman, Howie -Rotc  ROTC
4327 Stribling, Brenda -PE  Physical Education
1133 Stribling, Kevin -IT  Information Technology
4191 Sturdivant, Tina -Sci  Science
4364 Tallini, Geri -Soc  Social Studies
1157 Tanguay, Tina -Adm  Administration
1157/4256 Tartarilla, Sue -Adm/Arts  Administration - Fine Arts
4343 Tassinari, Jackie -Math  Math
4241 Thurber, Megan -Spe  Special Education
4220 Toomy, Leslie -Spe  Special Education
4344 Torro, Dominick -Math  Math
4218 Trainor, Josh -Eng  English
1174 Trice, Suzanne -Adm  Administration
3107 Tsantoulis, Sue -Payroll/HR  Human Resources - Payroll
2108 Turner, Cheryl -Deans  Administration
1210 Tuttle, Jessica -SC  School Counseling
1142 Untiet, Tracy -CTE  CTE
4311 Urbanik, Todd -PE  Physical Education
1130 Vaillancourt, Chantel -SC  School Counseling
4173 Vaitones, Edward -Lang  Foreign Languages
4347 Van Nostrand, Katie -Soc  Social Studies
4297 Vaughn, Paula -CTE  CTE
4287 Voltaire, Rolfe -CTE  CTE
3113 Waldie, Michelle -Fin  Finance
1146 Waldrip, Susan -Lib  Library
4290 Walker, Colin -Eng  English
1132 Walker, Jen -Math Rm.6335  Math
1107 Warburton, Jennifer -Lib  Library
4323 Weatherby, Tom -Soc  Social Studies
4303 Wegner, Jessie -Lang  Foreign Languages
4179 Weishaar, Amanda -CTE  CTE
5104 Welch, Jo -Attend  Attendance
4312 Wells, Jameson -FA  Fine Arts
4262 Wheaton, Cody -Soc  Social Studies
4255 White, Michael -Soc  Social Studies
4149 Williams, Barbara -CTE  CTE
4398 Willson, Emily -Spe  Special Education
3102 Wilson, Susan -Fin  Finance
4216 Winchell, Ben -Math  Math
4144 Worsman, Kelly -Math  Math
4242 Wozniak, Darrell -Sci  Science
1149 Yahnian, Kevin -Adm  Administration