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Career Experience

Coordinator: Mr. Cullen

Career Areas

Career Experience Resources

The following resources are available for download:

Cooperative Education:

COOPERATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM Students enrolled in one of the CTE career-focused programs may be eligible for the Cooperative Education Program. Students may earn additional credit through on the job training that is related to their technical education program by placement in a community business. Placements are approved and coordinated by the Career Coordinator. Credit is awarded at the rate of 0.5 credit for 270 hours and 1 credit for 540 hours (limit 1 credit per year). Any student who wishes to sign up for the Co-op Program must do so through the Career Coordinator in the CTE office, NOT through the Guidance Department. 765 – Pd H and 766 – Pd G/H. NOTE: Cooperative Education cannot be used as the final credit for graduation.

Career Education Internship:

771 (Sem. 1) & (Sem. 2) & 770 (Summer)

(Students may choose Sem 1, Sem 2 or summer.)


This one-semester (0.5 credit) elective is designed to integrate students’ academic and work-based learning experiences. Students are required to work at a career-focused job site for a minimum of 80 hours. In addition, students receive 15 hours of related classroom instruction. Extended and focused work-based learning opportunities expose students to the realities and expectations of the workplace. Classroom experiences equip students with pre-employment skills, enhance connections between school and careers, and promote personal growth and development. The course is open to juniors and seniors on a space-available basis.


PREREQUISITE: Approval of the Career Coordinator.


NOTE: Applications may be obtained through the Career Coordinator located in the CTE office.

Advanced Career Education Internship:

772 (Sem 1) & (Sem 2)

(Students may choose Sem 1 or Sem 2.)


This second-level internship experience is a one-semester (0.5 credit) elective requiring 100 worksite hours and may be an extension of students’ initial internship sites or students may select another location related to their career interests. Students must secure their internship site with the approval of the Career Coordinator. A major special project and presentation culminates the experience.


PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Career Education Internship with a “B” or better and approval of the Career Coordinator.


NOTE: Applications may be obtained through the Career Coordinator located in the CTE office.